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There’ s a place in the world where nothing remains anymore, except movement…

Nothing has been established, neither ideas nor principles. Everything is movement: rising or falling, posture and breathing, bodies, looks, unsteady scenery or suspended light.
Let’s imagine that everything collapses at the very beginning to allow a new deal: Relaunch the human machine, with spontaneity the only credo. Disorder has been sown: the theater has crumbled, the dancers are on the floor, the light is flickering, everything has vanished in the ruins of the music… The pulse has paused. A new performance society is about to be born. First with new ways approaches to the body: look for a different way to move, change your verticality, try using even fragile supports. The dancers will re-tame space in a free, instinctive, sometimes tumultuous way: they will move with an almost animal misconduct, rise up suddenly, collide, follow each other, spring, fall, moving to their own beat. In this fevered to and fro, they will reach for new human codes, to ask the question of absolute freedom and social order: How do we coexist without dominating while tolerating other types of creature/people? Enter and leave groups, break the flow or take part in the appearance of obviously plural individuals. The fragility of raw and massive bodies, and the resistance of slight and frail forms is going to cause trouble… Intimacy is disturbed but the chorus grooves and balances in this bodily cacophony.

"Between chaos and steady breathing...
The lightness of dreaming and the heaviness of a blow."

Brigitte Rémer

Ubiquités culture(s)


Annabelle Loiseau et Pierre Bolo
Salem Mouhajir, Aida Boudriga, Gabriel Um Tegue
Clémentine Nirennold, Kevin Ferré, Patrick Flégeo
Elsa Morineau, Andrège Bidiamambu, Floriane Leblanc
Annabelle Loiseau or Pierre Bolo

Light creator
Véronique Hemberger
Light Manager
Jérémy Pichereau
Scénography and machinery
Frédéric Plou
Musical arrangement
Pierre Bolo
Annabelle Loiseau
Stéphane Tasse, Etienne Bolo
Jean François Quais

Tiffen Ezanno, Marine Rioult
Aurélia Touati


DRAC Pays de la Loire
dans le cadre de l’aide a la structuration
Région Pays de la Loire
Département de Loire Atlantique
Ville de Nantes
Ville de Saint Herblain
Théâtre Jean Vilar à Vitry sur Seine
CCN de la Rochelle / Kader Attou / Cie Accrorap
CNDC d’Angers / Robert Swinston
CCN de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Mourad Merzouki / Cie Käfig
dans le cadre de l’Accueil Studio
Théâtre Régional des Pays de la Loire à Cholet
Onyx-La Carrière à Saint Herblain
Le Lieu Unique à Nantes
CDN de Rouen-Normandie / David Bobee

Very précise in its construction
the show is brilliantly written...

La Revue du spectacle

Tour: Saison 20/21
26 Nov 20
Les Quinconces   |   Le Mans
Tous public 20h.
27 Nov 20
Les Quinconces   |   Le Mans
Scolaire 14h30.
11 Dec 20
Théâtre Antoine Vitez   |   Ivry sur seine
11 Mar 21
Le Kiosque   |   Mayenne

Anarchy is available in both a pared-down version, premiering at Tanzmesse 2020, and a full-scale staging and lighting production.