"...three bodies, three seatings, three lights..."

There are three of them: three bodies, three seatings, three lights. They are waiting for us on stage, ready not to decide, instinctive. Their backs face the onlookers. They move with their arms up in the air, nervous, feet and hips in the ground. Then their bodies melt, lazy, before standing up, ready and alert. Modern witches, they set the pace, shake and bend: a ceremony of rhythm begins. The music takes us along with them, the sound rumbles, bass and percussions strengthen the effort, silences and breaths rest the bodies in a universe inspired by soul music. The silhouettes are revealed under the moonlight of a projector, the necklace lighting decorates the space drawn by a circle of bulbs. Carmen is a freewheeling trio, an impulsive choreography where improvisation and writing are overlapping. A delicate ritual where hip-hop dance flirts with wacking, krump and flamenco. Annabelle Loiseau and Pierre Bolo define their work on the postural, on a muscular, musical and urban dance. Three bodies, three seatings, three lights that form an imperfect circle where freedom of movement, attitudes and choices can be expressed.


Choréography: Annabelle Loiseau & Pierre Bolo Dancers: Elsa Morineau | Floriane Leblanc | Annabelle Loiseau Musical creation & adaptation: Pierre Bolo Lights creation: Véronique Hemberger Costumes: Annabelle Loiseau Photos:  Mélinda Blanchet | Cie Chute Libre Production: Cie Chute Libre | Marine Rioult | Tifenn Ezanno | Aurélia Touati


DRAC Pays de la Loire dans le cadre de l’aide a la structuration | Région Pays de la Loire | Département de Loire Atlantique | Ville de Nantes | Les Fabriques @ Nantes Pole Pik @ Bron | Studio Dyptik @ St Etienne | CCLAS 49 | Théâtre de L’Oulle/la Factory @ Avignon | Théâtre Régional des Pays de la Loire | Cie Loba / Annabelle Sergent
Tour: Saison 22/23
05 Jun 23
Ecole Rosa Bonheur   |   Thouaré/ Loire FR
07 Apr 23
Théâtre Antoine Vitez   |   Ivry sur seine
21 Oct 22
Le Polaris   |   Corbas FR
01 Oct 22
La Fabrique Dervalliéres   |   Nantes FR
30 Sep 22
Pianock’tail   |   Bouguenais FR
Tour: Saison 21/22
20 May 22
Ô Fil des Arts   |   Tiercé FR