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( cadere ( choir, cadence ) liber ( ingennus « born free » )

In physics, the ideal study of movement of a body subject only to its own weight.
In the imaginary, allegory of hip hop dance


Since 2005, a dozen pieces ...

French choreographers Annabelle Loiseau and Pierre Bolo have developed their artistic approach working with thirty dancers but also lighting designers, musicians, actors, circus artists, and photographers… Their writing sits between abstraction and narration, and the work is focused on the interpretation of dance. First and foremost is the choreographic vocabulary of hiphop, space and light then composing moments and ensembles. Compagnie Chute Libre breathes with musicality, muscle and gait, posture, gestural dance, groove, choreographic impulses, reflection and instinct.


Chorégrapher, dancer, teacher

“… So, how does one talk about dance? Why speak about dance? I am a dancer, a choreographer, I have this physiological approach to things. Expressing myself beyond that doesn’t seem enormously interesting to me. I become quickly limited, then annoyed. Finally, I am moved by the ineffable courage of the body in standing up to eloquence. Waiting is no good, so I dance. “The rainbow can be enjoyed without the help of sound,” the poet would say. I admit limits to my statement. Our hunger isn’t satisfied, since we need to choreograph and stage shows. I have a taste for dynamics, powerful things, fragility, tortured impulses. And I’m endlessly, devotedly into the posture of the human body. Whether static or moving, it speaks to me. This is what guides me … ”
( written by Etienne Bolo )


Chorégrapher, dancer, comédian, teacher

“… My work involves the stage and, on the subject, everything is to be done, it is a permanent work in progress. I have long approached shows through the world of characters that stimulated a state, a cocoon, in which my body released its own score. Theater suggested to me the relative superficiality of being satisfied with it. Interpreting the major characters of Shakespeare or Victor Hugo revolutionized my approach. These writers have the verb. What do the body and the stage have to offer? How are air currents and movement articulated? What dynamics do they draw? The landscape emerges from contrast and counterpoints. Which peaks will we reach? From downstage to upstage, light extends the depth. Let’s create our abysses! What apnea, what breath will we allow? The look, the hand, the attack of the performer come out in the moment of a single twist. They let out a free note and compose the life of the show. Gesture and attitude are our sentences. The silence of the postures is a precious music. Lend an ear …”
( written by Etienne Bolo )

" B'boys are dancers of battle and cyphers, writing a show is a challenge too...


Until 2012, a first chapter of performances explored the interior and interiority in a meaningful setting, revealing a dance that changes its support and borrows from the everyday: Living Room, Genesis, Duo(s), Pan’s Kitchen.

Since 2013, the stage has been freed from the ‘black box” conventions, cleared, purified, crossed by a primordial light. This allows an emphasis on the theater, its architecture, its instruments. Space then becomes the main set, where movement is of the essence: Drafters, MadMen, Flash Players.

Today, their strong and unusual reputation for staging hip hop dance sees them touring in France and abroad, notably with In Bloom, their 2016 creation, an original urban version of the “Rite of Spring”.
The future is definitely dance and resolutely hip hop for a living signature that goes on…

2018 | 2019,  a solo ” Slide” and a urban ballet heckling the stage…