" The Rite of Spring set in our time, at last..."

Clara Boismorand

“Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring is a timeless dance masterpiece, so powerful it was revisited by great choreographers such as Pina Bausch, Maurice Béjart or Angelin Preljocaj. Originally choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky, this blank canvas where humans engage in dancing in a large pagan sacred ceremony questions the future according to their rites. With In Bloom, choreographers Pierre Bolo and Annabelle Loiseau bring a new color to this monumental piece by creating an original hip-hop version, both contemporary and intuitive, resolutely urban.
On stage, a totem pole and ten dancers form a mosaic of untamed men and women exultant in the boldness of their energy and to the richness and sensitivity of their vocabulary. The bodies twirl, like a as in a hip-hop battle or a rave party, as if to shield themselves from the economic and social realities that surround them, so that they can grow into something different. A flowering that bears the seal of Nirvana and their song In Bloom, the sacrifice of a youth which is both disappointed and full of hope. A piece that exudes an open, full-blown and emancipated youth, carried by a ring of teenagers whose earthy dance on the ground seeks to fly.”

Anne-France Courvoisier

“The mythic ballet of 1913 has been revisited
in an anthem to the 21st century.”

Catherine Favre I ARCinfo


Annabelle Loiseau and Pierre Bolo
Gabriel Um Tegue, Clémentine Nirennold, Kevin Ferré, Patrick Flégeo, Salem Mouhajir,  Andrège Bidiamambu, Floriane Leblanc, Aida Boudrigua
, Annabelle Loiseau or Lise Dusuel, Pierre Bolo

Original music
Igor Stravinski – 1947 Version by Pierre Boulezand the Cleveland orchestra

Musical creation
Yvan Talbot, Philippe Pham Van Tham

Véronique Hemberger and Jérémy Pichereau

Annabelle Loiseau, Nathalie Nomary

Stéphane Tasse, Etienne Bolo

Adrien Selbert


Ministère de la culture, DRAC Pays de la Loire
dans le cadre de l’aide à la structuration
Région des Pays de la Loire
Département de Loire Atlantique
Ville de Nantes
La Fabrique à Nantes
Musique et Danse en Loire Atlantique
Scène nationale de Châteauvallon
Quai des Arts – Argentan
CDN de Rouen, David Bobee – Scène Nationale de Petit Quevilly
WIP Villette
dans le cadre du Prix Spécial du Concours (Re)connaissance
CCN de Créteil et du Val de Marne, Mourad Merzouki – Cie Käfig
CNDC Angers, Robert Swinston
ONYX-La Carrière – Saint Herblain
Espace Culturel de l’Hermine – Sarzeau
Institut français à Paris et de la Ville de Nantes